I am a singer/songwriter that has lent his talents to the careers of a multitude of artist that have sold over 65 million records worldwide. I always had the urge to record and perform my own songs and give them my own flavor and feel. Music is my life. So many people claim this, but if you knew me you would have no doubt that I live and breathe music 24 hours a day. I have written hundreds of songs and have had the pleasure to work and learn from some of the best songwriters in the world.Working on this album has been the most exciting project I have ever done. It is one thing to write for somebody else, but writing songs for yourself that express the way you feel about situations, experiences you had or simply explain feelings you have is amazingly fulfilling.

The biggest blessing is the songwriters and musician friends that have joined me creating my first album. Honey Larochelle, Jolyon Skinner, Jamaal Andrews. Derrick J Harvin and many others have blessed me with their talents to uplift my music. Though I try to play most instruments, program all the songs and sing all the vocals with my beautiful wife Janice, some songs have begged for different sounds and feels. Ian Von has sang background vocals on “What Just Happened”, Jammal played bass on “Like I Want To” and Derrick helped me sequence some keys on ‘I Do.”

“I Do” is the first single for my upcoming album and is the first ballad I have recorded with my wife. I was actually riding my motorcycle down a busy highway when I had to stop on the side of the road to record the melody for this song on my phone. As soon as I got home, I jumped on the piano and basically wrote the melodies for the entire song. When I sang it for Honey, she and myself wrote the song in just about an hour. This song came clearly from God and when I started producing it, I understood that this song was a testament to a long lasting and loving relationship and at the same time probably the first ballad ever recorded by a interracial married couple. The  uptempo beat  of “I Do” could make it the biggest ‘first dance” songs at weddings around the globe.
So, now you know who I am, let me know who you are and why you came to visit my website. I am looking forward to reading your comments.

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